Dhan Prapti - Seven (Saath) Mukhi Rudraksha (with silver capping)

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Seven Mukhi Rudraksha- Ananta powers for wealth and health! 

Reason to be happy! You get the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal with silver capping, Lab-test Guarantee Certificate, X-Ray certificate and free home delivery!

We give you 100% original high quality Rudraksha - this is our guarantee! If you are not happy we give you 45 days no questions asked Money-back guarantee! Simply click on the Buy Now button given above and welcome happiness into your life!

7 Mukhi Rudraksha Details:

  • Size : 20 mm x 19mm x 17mm (Approx)
  • Weight : 13- 20 carat ( Approx)
  • Shape : Round Shape

It is best to wear Rudraksha after Rudraksha Pooja. 

You can get this Pooja done yourself by your family Pandit. Alternatiely, our experienced Pandits can do this Pooja on your belhalf. And, we will then send this charged Rudraksha for you. 

Please let us know all your details below - 

  1. Name
  2. Father's name
  3. Sex - Male/Female
  4. Gotra
  5. Nakshatra
  6. Date and time of birth
  7. Place of birth

    Know more about the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha below.

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    Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Mahalaxmi the goddess of wealth and represents Anang Shiva . The seven mukhi rudraksha is said to bless the wearer with good health and wealth. This Rudraksha represents the sapta matrikas i.e seven mothers .These seven mothers are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumaari, Vaishnavee,Vaaraahee, Indraanee and Chamunda. Bestowed with power and blessings from Gods and Goddesses this Rudraksha brings fame, wealth , progress in life,and also removes bad luck.

    As per Brahm Puran Seven Mmukhi Rudraksha is also associated with Annanta - the dimensionless supreme Lord Brahma. And to seven Martrikas (seven mother) Sun, Sapta rishis (seven great sages), Mahasen (Kartikeya), Anang (Kamdeva), Ananta (Vasuki), Nagrata (Nagraja).

    The Seven Mukhi Rudraksha bestows a lot of powers to the wearer. 

    You could now get 100% original lab-certified Rudraksha from Nepal! Simply click on the Buy Now button given above.

    ll Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Soam ll


    Seven Benefits of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

    • This Rudraksha brings luck and happiness

    • Seven Mukhi Rudraksha gives peace, prosperity & wealth

    • Seven Mukhi Rudraksha reduces stress, aggression & anxiety

    • Seven Mukhi Rudraksha increase business and removes financial crisis

    • Beneficial for people suffering from ashthama, diseases of digestive system

    • It removes negative energy from the atmosphere and makes relationships harmonious

    • In Numerology, people governed by number 8 are recommended to wear this Rudraksha


    Note: We are giving you original Rudraksha at the best price possible! If you are not happy with the Rudraksha you get, you could send it back to us within one month of purchase. No questions will be asked. Your shipping cost will also be reimbursed.

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