Vishwakarma Puja -

Vishwakarma Puja

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Vishwakarma Pooja

Lord Vishwakarma is a special deity in Hinduism who is known as the architect of the Gods. He was one of the Ratnas that came out during the holy episode of Samudra Manthan. He is the one who had created the Trishul and Chakra for Lord Shiva and Vishnu respectively. He is the son of Lord Brahma and the divine engineer who helped build the Universe and all things in it including the city of Dwarka. He was the one who helped create the very first earthly image of Lord Jagannath.

Importance Of Vishwakarma pooja

The worship of Lord Vishwakarma is considered essential for those, who work with or own machinery, vehicles and other such technologies. Since the livelihoods of such people depend on the proper functioning and longevity of machines, Vishwakarma Pooja is an important occasion for them. All who are associated with craftsmanship and creative ventures acknowledge the importance of Vishwakarma Pooja. It is a pooja which brings good fortune, wealth and prosperity to the personal and professional lives of the devotees.

Advantages of Vishwakarma Pooja

1. Increases the chance of owning new property.

2. Helps solve all disputes related to wealth and property.

3. Removes Vastu Dosh from one’s home and place of work.

4. Increases the chances of professional success and prosperity in business.

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