Shani Dev, Shingnapur Tailabhishekam

  • Rs. 5,100

Top 5 Benefits of Shani Dev Shingnapur Tailabhishekam

  1. Long life for you and your family
  2. Shani dosh nivarana
  3. Bad karma riddance
  4. Prosperity in life
  5. Happiness in married life

What is Shani Dev Tailabhishekam Puja?

Shani Dev Tailabhishekam includes offering of Oil on your behalf at the Swayambhu Shani idol at Shingnapur, Maharashtra.

What do you get?

1. Thread (Dhaga): You have to wear it for 21 days. And then, drop into a waterbody (For MEN only!)

2. Naal: It is U shaped metal. Fix at the right top of the main door of home/office

3. Yantra: Keep in your purse (especially in difficult times)

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