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Peepal Tree Puja

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Peepal Tree Pooja

Peepal is a popular tree which is found all over India. Besides offering a cool shade in the summer season and having many medicinal benefits, Peepal trees are also significant from a religious point of view. Also known as Asaru, Ashwata and Pippal, the Peepal tree holds special importance in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It has also been mentioned in many religious texts and is revered by many devotees.

Importance Of Peepal Tree Pooja

The Peepal tree is considered to be the home of Lord Shiva by many Hindus. Worshipping the Peepal tree is equivalent to the worship of Lord Shiva. The Peepal tree is also the symbol of Jupiter or Brihaspati and worshipping it can reduce the ill effects of Jupiter and gain the positive ones for a person’s life. Skanda Purana describes Peepal tree as the symbol of Lord Vishnu. Peepal Pooja can bring great wealth, health and prosperity to the lives of devotees.

According to some legends, the root of the Peepal is the abode of Brahma, the trunk of Vishnu and the leaves of Shiva. Women worship the Peepal tree in hope of timely marriage and the birth of a child. Peepal is also considered holy in Buddhism as Buddha had attained enlightenment under a Peepal tree, known as the Bodhi tree.

Advantages of Peepal Tree Pooja

1. Helps gain the blessings of the Trimurti Gods –Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma.

2. Effectively reduces the effect of malefic Brihaspati on one’s life.

3. Helps unmarried women find the right partners for timely marriage.

4. Helps women give birth to children faster.

5. Ensures good health and wealth for the entire family.

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