Narasimha Puja -

Narasimha Puja

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Narasimha Pooja

Lord Narasimha is a ferocious form of Lord Vishnu who is loved and revered by all Vaishnavs and by all Hindus in general. This lion-man form of the Lord slayed the demon Hiranyakshyap and restored Dharma to the Universe. Each year devotees crowd the famous Narasimha temples across the country in hope of getting a darshan of the Lord and seeking his auspicious blessings.

Importance Of Narasimha Pooja

The worship of Lord Narasimha brings strength and courage to the hearts and minds of devotees. Those who seek his powerful blessings are granted great material and spiritual happiness, protection from enemies and the strength to face the various obstacles of life. By the power of the Lord’s blessings, devotees can be successful in life, live without any fear in their hearts. Lord Narasimha is very kind and benevolent and cares deeply about the wellbeing of his devotees.

Advantages of Narasimha Pooja

1. Gives one all the benefits of worshipping Lord Vishnu.

2. Helps one become courageous and face all difficulties in life.

3. Helps one achieve material success and great peace of mind.

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