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Maa Shitala Puja

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Maa Shitala Pooja

Shitala Mata is an ancient tribal deity who is a divine form of Maa Shakti. Although she is worshipped mainly in eastern India, Maa Shitala is widely revered by Hindu devotees everywhere. Maa Shitala plays an important role as she protects mankind from the clutches of deadly diseases and plagues, which can otherwise have great negative effects on mortals. According to Hindu mythology, Maa Katyayani (another significant form of Shakti) had manifested as Shitala Mata in order to kill the dangerous demon Jwarasur, who threatened the world with deadly fever and plague. There are several references to her greatness in Hindu scriptures such as the Puranas.

Importance Of Maa Shitala Pooja

Good health and prevention of diseases are important to the very survival of human life. Maa Sitala’s pooja seeks her powerful blessings for the lives of devotees, and forms a kavach of protection round them which shields them from deadly diseases, which could otherwise have fatal consequences. Maa Shitala keeps diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox, measles and skin diseases at bay. Maa Sitala’s pooja ensures good health for the entire family, as well as a long and prosperous life. The Skanda Purana has references to her which highlight her greatness.

Advantages Of Maa Shitala Pooja

1. Helps to heal devotees who are afflicted by diseases.

2. Improves the quality of one’s blood and reduces the chance of infections.

3. Vastly improves overall physical and mental health.

4. Increases the longevity of one’s life.

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