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Gauri Puja

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Gauri Pooja

Maa Gauri is a special avatar of Goddess Durga, who is widely revered by Hindu devotees all around the world. Gauri is another name for Parvati, who is the consort of Lord Shiva, and is also considered to be his power or Shakti. She is also known as Lalita, Uma, Durga, Kali and several other names, which are all her various divine forms. Maa Gauri is the embodiment of the vital energy of the universe, which is the essence of life. She bestows her blessings on her devotees, whose material and spiritual lives improve vastly due to her Shakti.

Importance of Gauri Puja

Maa Parvati or Gauri had performed great penance in order to get a darshan of Lord Shiva, and had wished to get him as her husband. Lord Shiva who was greatly pleased by her devotion agreed to her proposition, as he also recognized her as a form of Shakti. Many women observe fasting along with the worship of Mata Gauri, in order to get an ideal husband like Lord Shiva. This pooja has proven to be very effective for this purpose. Maa Gauri also brings great happiness and bliss to the marital and familial lives of her devotees, as well as enlightening their hearts and minds with her divine Shakti.

Advantages Of Gauri Pooja

1. Gives all the benefits associated with the worship of Maa Durga.
2. Harnesses the Shakti of Mata Gauri to improve the material lives of devotees immensely.

3. Women can gain a husband like Lord Shiva by performing this pooja.

4. Increases marital and familial harmony.

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