Chitragupta Puja -

Chitragupta Puja

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Chitragupta Pooja

Chitragupta, who is the scribe of Yamaraj is known for counting the number of births or deaths in a year. He also keeps a record of our good and bad deeds. After our death, we are rewarded or punished depending on Chitragupta’s records.

Importance Of Chitragupta Pooja

Chitragupta is an important God associated with the rectification of human sins and the movement of their souls towards the path of virtue. Devotees also pray to God for forgiveness for their past sins, so that they can move towards a life of righteousness. Those who do so are blessed with the divine grace of Chitragupta can gain great happiness and contentment in their lives.

Advantages Of Chitragupta Pooja

1. Helps the devotees gain knowledge and wisdom.

2. Brings about great physical and mental happiness.

3. Helps gain Moksha or salvation.

4. Removes sins of our past lives and current lives.

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