Coral (Moonga)

  • Rs. 2,000

Coral is found in quiet waters at depths ranging from 20 to 1,000 feet. Corals are found mainly in shades of red and pink.

Top benefits-

  • Wards off evil spirits
  • Gains in property and real estate
  • Improves physical strength, energy and motivation

Characteristics -

  • Planet: Mars
  • Cosmic color: Yellow
  • Sign: Aries, Scorpio
  • Element: Earth
  • Time: Sunrise
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Metal: Yellow gold and copper


Top disease preventions-

  • Cuts, burns, bruises
  • Blood disorders
  • Bone marrow

Top stone qualities-

  • Round or oval shape
  • Deep red color
  • Shiny and smooth

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