Ruby (Manik)

  • Rs. 25,000

Ruby is brilliant, crystal clear and transparent. It comes in a variety of red colors and has smooth lusture like clarified butter.

Top benefits-

  • Brings professional success and prosperity;
  • increases authority and command, especially in government or corporate administrative positions;
  • improves creativity and self-determination


  • Planet: Sun
  • Cosmic color: Red
  • Sign: Leo
  • Element: Fire
  • Time: Sunrise
  • Day: Sunday
  • Metal: Yellow gold
  • Gemstone family: Corundum

Top disease preventions-

  • Hemorrhage
  • Heart diseases and blood pressure
  • Eye inflammation
  • Cerebral meningitis
  • Typhoid
  • Polypus
  • Epilepsy
  • Sun-stroke

Top stone qualities-

  • Silky inclusions
  • High density and hard;
  • Transparence
  • Bluish tint
  • Smooth

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