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Kaila Devi Prasad, Rajasthan

  • Rs. 751

 With lots of Blessings get Prasad from Kaila Devi, Rajasthan

You geta box-full of:

1. Rewri

2. Colored toffee

3. Mishri

4. A beautiful photo

5. Locket

Kaila Devi temple is located on the banks of the Kalisil River in Kaurali district, Rajasthan. Goddess of the temple is said to be the patron deity of erstwhile princely Jadaun Rajput rulers of the Karauli state. This temple is a made of white marble and have huge check floored courtyard.

Now seek blessings of Maa Kaila by offering Prasad at the temple.

You can now offer Prasad at Kaila Devi temple and receive it at your home through a simple click on the Buy Now button given above.


Kaila Devi is believed to be the form of Mahalakshmi or the Goddess of wealth. Red flags along with bhog Prasad are offered by devotees to the Goddess on each day of the year. The most attractive attribute of the temple is the Jagran performed by Jagat ji at the temple. 2 more attractions of the temple includes the shrine facing Hanumanji Mandir (locally addressed as Languria) and ‘Bhairon Baba’ Mandir, situated in the courtyard of the temple.  The sanctum sanctorum houses the idols of two deities, one of Kaila Devi and another is of Chamunda Devi.

You can now offer Prasad to Ma Sharda Devi and receive it at your home.  Simply click on the Buy Now button given above.


Every year, thousands of devotees visit the temple on their foot in the month of Chaitra to seek blessings of the Devi.  An annual fair is held in the honour of Kaila Devi. It is held at the village Kaila in the Chaitra Month. It starts from Chaitra Budi 12 and lasts for a fortnight. The deity is worshipped as ‘Kuladevi’  by people residing at Kaurauli, Dholapur, Agra and many parts of western Rajasthan. is not a temple representative. We act as your representative to offer & deliver Prasad to your doorstep. The price of Rs. 501 will be used to buy and offer Prasad at the temple. And, to cover all miscellaneous costs such as -

  • Packaging,
  • Professional handling and logistics,
  • Shipping,
  • Payment collection, and
  • Government taxes

Please feel free to give us a missed call at 09933421341 for any questions.

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