Vindhyavasini Navratri Prasad + Golden Poster + Durga Idol -

Vindhyavasini Navratri Prasad + Golden Poster + Durga Idol

  • Rs. 851

During Navratri, with lots of Blessings get Prasad from Vindhyavasini Temple- Shaktipeeth

Vidhyavasini Devi temple, located on the bank of the holy river Ganges in Vindhyachal, is one of the most revered Shakti peethas in India. Here, Goddess Kali is adorned as Maa Vindhyavasani. She is said to be an instant bestower of benediction. 

Celebrate this Navratri in a very special way. Make your offering at Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth and get Prasad at home! 

In this combo: You get Prasad along with Ma Durga's idol (gold-plated) for your pooja mandir and a beautiful shimmering gold framable poster of Ma Durga. You have an option of choosing Gangajal instead of Poster.


We will make the offering at Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth on your behalf and send the Prasad to your home, at no extra home delivery charge! 

Now get Prasad from Vindhyavasini Devi temple and seek Maa's blessings during Navratri! 

With lots of blessings for your family, you will receive a box-full of Prasad -

  • A box-full of the famous Peda Prasad from Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth
  • Sacred picture of Ma Vindhyavasini or your pooja mandir and
  • Ma's most loved Durga Stuti book 


Book Now to get the following items with Prasad - Ma Durga's idol (gold-plated) for your pooja mandir and a beautiful shimmering gold framable poster of Ma Durga. You have an option of choosing Gangajal instead of Poster(to replace poster with Gangajal - simply drop us an email with your name and order id).

To get Prasad at home, simply click on the Buy Now button given above. 




This temple is located just 2 kms away from the cave dedicted to Goddess Kali and 8 km from Mirzapur. Vidhyavasini temple is daily visited by a large number of people. Vindhyasani devi, also called as the Kajala devi, is considered as the embodiment of love and benediction. This temple has found its rendering in the holy scriptures of Hindu religion and it has got a tremendous impact in the life of a true Shakti devotee.


Aarti is conducted 4 times a day in the temple. During the Chaaitra and Ashwin Navratas, people gather in large numbers to get the blessings of the Goddess. They stand for hours in long queues to get a single glimpse of the deity. During the month of Jyestha (June), the premises witnesses kajali competition in which large number of people took part. Along with the two other temple in the name of female goddess, this temple constitute the much revered Triloka parikrama which is considered as very auspicious by various number of people.

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