Kanyakumari Navarathri Prasadam + Golden Poster + Durga Idol -

Kanyakumari Navarathri Prasadam + Golden Poster + Durga Idol

  • Rs. 951

With lots of blessings from Amma Bhagavathi, you get Her Navarathri Prasadam !

 Kanya Kumari is said to be the southern most point of India after Indira point and is a very famous Shaktipeeth.

Celebrate this Navratri in a very special way. Make your offering at Kanya Kumari Shaktipeeth and get Prasad at home! 

In this combo: You get Prasad along with Ma Durga's idol (gold-plated) for your pooja mandir and a beautiful shimmering gold framable poster of Ma Durga. You have an option of choosing Gangajal instead of Poster.

We will make the offering at Kanya Kumari Shaktipeeth on your behalf and send the Prasad to your home, at no extra home delivery charge! 

Now get Prasad from Kanya Kumari Shaktipeeth and seek Maa's blessings during Navratri! 

With lots of blessings for your family, you will receive a box-full of Prasad -

  • Combination of Ladoo, Muruku and Athirasam Prasadam
  • Packet of Kumkum, turmeric and mangalaya thread
  • Packet of Mishri (sugar lumps or rock sugar)

Book Now to get the following items with Prasad - Ma Durga's idol (gold-plated) for your pooja mandir and a beautiful shimmering gold framable poster of Ma Durga. You have an option of choosing Gangajal instead of Poster(to replace poster with Gangajal - simply drop us an email with your name and order id).


To get Prasad at home, simply click on the Buy Now button given above. 


!! Amme Narayanaa! Devi Narayanaa! Lakshmi Narayanaa! Bhadre Narayanaa !!

Devi Kanyakumari Temple or Shree Baala Bhadra Temple is situated in cape Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu. This is one of the famous 51 Shakti Peeths in India. It is said that back spine are of Sati’s corpse fell here, forming the presence of BHAGAWATHY over here. Maa Bhagwathy is said to be a ‘Sanyasin’. She is the goddess of Sanyasa and penance. According to the scripts, it is said that folks choose to take the deeksha (teachings) of Sanyasa from here in ancient times.

You can now offer Prasad at Bhagavathy Kanya Kumari temple and receive it at your home through a simple click on the Buy Now button given above.

About the Temple

The Goddess is also popularly known as ‘Bhagvathy’. The deity is also known by the names of Kanya Devi, Devi Kumari and Bhadrakali. The most distinctive feature of the temple is that the consecration of the temple is believed to be performed by sage Pashurama. The Shrine of Kalbhairava and Patala Ganga Teertham forms the part of main attractions inside the temple.


The main festivals celebrated with pomp and shows at the temple are - 

  • Navarathri festival in the month of Sep-Oct
  • Chaitry Poornima Festival (Full moon day in the month of May)
  • Baisakh Festival – 10 days festival in the month of May-June
  • Kalabham festival – Festival celebrated on the last Friday in the Karkidaka or Aadi month i.e. July-August. The idol of Maa Bhagavathy is smeared in Sandal paste during this time.

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