Thakurji Banke Bihari Prasad+Tulsi Mala+Bhagvat Gita -

Thakurji Banke Bihari Prasad+Tulsi Mala+Bhagvat Gita

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Along with lots of blessings get Holi Puja Prasad from Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan


Holi is celebrated on the pious day of Falgun Purnima and is an auspicious time to make special offerings to Thakurji Banke Bihari.

Make your offering to Sri Krishna ji on this auspicious occasion of Holi Puja and get Prasad blessings along with Bhagvat Gita Book and Tulsi Mala.


Now offer Prasad and seek blessings from Banke Bihari ji. We will send you a box-full of- 

1. Famous Vrindavan ka "Peda" 

2.Sacred tulsi offered to Thakurji

3.Thakurji's powerful healing Chandan

4.Beautiful picture of Lord Krishna

5. and many other holy offerings to Banke Bihari ji


Book Now to get Shri Krishna's Prasad blessing on the pious day of Holi along with Tulsi Mala and Bhagvat Gita book(specially from Gita Press).

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Banke Bihari Temple was established by Swami Haridas. Once, during the Mughal conquest, a Hindu priest had a murti of Lord Krishna. Fearing that the murti could get into the hands of the Mughals and be destroyed, he buried the image. After some days, Swami Haridas, a great devotee of Lord Krishna, was passing by through the area where the image of Lord Krishna was buried. Becoming tired, he decided to rest there and soon fell asleep. In a dream, he saw Lord Krishna telling him that his image was buried near where he was sleeping and asked him to start digging. Upon waking, Swami Haridas dug the ground in the area Lord Krishna had indicated and found the image. He then enshrined the image in what is now the Banke Bihari Temple. 



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