Shri Dus Mahavidhya Yantra (gold plated)

  • Rs. 3,800

|| Om Hreem Kleem Kamala Devi Phat Swaha||

|| Om Hasro Hasrlo Hasroh ||

|| Om Hreem Baglamukhi Namah ||


Shri Dus Mahavidhya Yantra (gold plated) – for Moksha!

Shri Dus Mahavidhya Yantra belongs to ten divine incarnation of Goddess Mother. Mata or Mother Goddess represented herself into ten different forms of Yogas on distinguished occasions and became Dus Mahavidhya. After these ten manifestations, SHE, the divine mother became the consort of Lord Shiva i.e Maa Parvati (also known as Uma Devi). This Yantra is a representation of feminine powers, her anguish, her divine and exquisite nature.

Get peace in your life and Moksha by worshipping this powerful Yantra. Do Shri Dus Mahavidhya Yantra Pooja. Simply click on the Buy Now button given above and get it at home.

The ten manifestation of Mother Goddess are as follows –

  1. Maa Kali

  2. Maa Tripura

  3. Maa Tripura Sundari

  4. Maa Bhuwaneshwari

  5. Maa Chinnamastika

  6. Maa Tripur Bhairavi

  7. Maa Dhumavati

  8. Maa Bagalamukhi

  9. Maa Matangi

  10. Maa Kamala

Mantra –

|| Kreem Kreem Kreem Hoom Hoom Hreem Hreem Hreem

Dakshine Hoom Hoom Hreem Hreem Kreem Kreem Kreem Swaha ||

Benefits of Shri Dus Mahavidhya Yantra

  • Contains the powers of Shri Maha Dus Vidhya

  • Helps in fulfilment of your materialistic wishes i.e. ‘Bhoga’.

  • Helps you to achieve liberation i.e. ‘Moksha’ after life.

Placement of Shri Dus Maha Vidhya Yantra – It should be placed facing East direction at eye level in your home or office.

Note: We give you 100% original Yantra designed by experts.

In case you are not satisfied with the product you may return it to us within 45 days of purchase. No questions will be asked. We will refund your return shipping amount too. 

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