Radha-Govinda ISKCON Prasad , Kolkata

  • Rs. 951

Offer Prasad and seek blessings from Radha-Govinda

Offer Prasad to Radha-Govindaji at the famous ISKCON temple, Kolkata and get the Prasad delivered to your home!!
Blessings include:

  • Chocolate son-papdi
  • Kaju barfi 
  • Photo of Lord Krishna and Radha
  • Devotional locket
  • Book. 


ISKCON Kolkata is the first ISKCON temple in Kolkata. It was established in 1970 by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Kolkata is also the birthplace of Swami Prabhupada and hence it is significant to devotees. It is a temple of Lord Krishna and Radha and has a great devotional ambience with kirtans and bhajans being held every day.  Located right in the heart of the city, this famous temple gets visitors from all corners of the world. The first deity in India was installed in Kolkata and worship started from this temple in May 1971. 

Festivals such as Jagannatha Rath Yatra, Gaura Purnima, Janmasthami, Narsima Chaturdasi, Ramanavami, Radhastami, Salil Vihar, Chandan Yatra, Jhulan Yatra, Kartik Masa and Gita Jayanti are celebrated at ISKCON Kolkata every year.


1.   Mangala Aarti                       
2.   Tulasi Aarti                          
3.   Chanting sessions                 
4.   Darshna Aarti & Guru Puja  
5.   Srimad Bhagavatam Class    
6.   Rajbhoga Aarti                      
7.   Dhup Arti                              
8.   Sandhya Tulasi Aarti             
9.   Gaura Arti                              
10. Shayan Arti                            

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