Shravan Maas Special - Shiva Puja Kit

  • Rs. 1,500

Perform Shiva Puja this Shravan Maas by ordering you own Shiva Puja Kit. The Puja Kit will contain the following items:

1. Gangajal

2. Dhup, Chandan, Rice and Kapur

3. Silver Belpatra

4. Silver Snake

5. 5 Mukhi Rudraksha

6. Aarti Book

Significance of Shravan Maas:

The fifth month of the Hindu calendar which usually falls around July-August is known as the Sharavan Maas. It is marked by the appearance of the Shravan constellation of stars in the sky, and is devoted largely to the worship of Lord Shiva. Performing the Lord’s worship during this auspicious month can bring several great benefits to the lives of devotees, who are blessed by the grace of Mahadev.

The Mondays of Shravan Maas or Shravan Somvars are considered especially significant for the ritualistic worship of the Lord. Millions of Shiva bhakts visit His Jyotirlinga temples during the Shravan Maas, in order to get a darshan of the famous Shivlings. Wearing Rudrakshas are also considered particularly beneficial during Shravan Maas.

 Legend Of Shravan Maas:

According to legend, a young rishi named Markandeya had once defeated death (or Yama) by the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is believed that he performed strict penance and Shivling pooja during the month of Shravan, which had pleased Lord Shiva greatly.

The great historical event of Samudra Manthan had also taken place during the month of Shravan. Lord Shiva had saved the entire universe from the dangerous poison Halahala, which had even left the other Gods helpless. As He drank the poison it hurt his throat; which turned blue due to the poison’s effect. Devotees pour water, milk and panchamrit on the Lingams of Lord Shiva in order to appease the Lord, and seek his blessings for the improvement of their lives.



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