Shani Kavach

  • Rs. 3,500

ll Om Preeang Preeng Prong Sa Shange Namah ll

Get Protected with Shani Kavach

This special Shani Kavach in the form of an energized Naal – made of Hakik, iron, silver and other extremely potent metals protects you from all evils, black magic and most importantly Sade Sati. 

All followers of Lord Shani must posses this because it is said that Shani Kavach is blessed by Lord Shani Dev Himself. This is your answer from the heavens to ward off all obstacles due to Saturn.

The gun metal used in preparing this special kavach makes sure that all adverse spells of Saturn are turned into auspicious influences for you! 

Shani Dev helps you through this Kavach to remove your ego, depression and be at peace with yourself. 

So don't wait anymore, wear the Shani Kavach and please Shani Dev.

Get your Shani Kavach today and remove the obstacles of your life. Simply click on the Buy Now button given above.

This Shani Kavach should be specially worn on Thursdays and Saturdays for immense benefits. And don't share this Shani Kavach with anyone.

Benefits of Wearing Shani Kavach

  • Protects you from adverse effects of Sade Sati
  • Removes obstacles from your life
  • Prevents the malefic effects of Saturn
  • Gives you success in your business
  • Gives you wealth, health and prosperity
  • Destroys all evil and black magic
  • Destroys your enemies

Note: We give you 100% original  Shani Kavach.

In case you are not satisfied with the product you may return it to us within 45 days of purchase. No questions will be asked. We will refund your return shipping amount too. 

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