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Sankat Mochan Prasad, Varanasi

  • Rs. 851

 With lots of Blessings get Prasad from Sankat Mochan Haunman temple, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

You get a box-full of Prasad-

1) "Laal Pedas" - the famous and delicious Varanasi Peda prasad offered to Sankat Mochan.

2) Sindoor- the red "tilak" i.e. applied on the idol of Lord Hanuman.

3) Beautiful Picture of Lord Hanuman from Sankat Mochan temple and much more..

Pavanputra or Lord Hanuman is 'Sankat Mochan'. Sankat Mochan literally means 'reliever from troubles' or the one, who alleviate our problems and sufferings. 

Sankat Mochan grants the wishes of his devotees and all his desires gets fulfilled. He gets freedom from all kinds of 'Sankats' i.e. obstacles and problems and attains happiness and prosperity in his life.

Are you a Lord Hanumana Bhakt? Would you like to seek blessings of Sankat Mochan to achieve great success in your life? But unable to visit Sankat Mochan temple at Varanasi?

Don't worry! OnlinePrasad is here for you to get blessings for you and your family.

We would offer prasad to Sankat Mochan on your behalf and you seek the divine blessings of Lord Hanuman.


Sankat Mochan temple is situated on the bank of Assi river in the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of most famous temples of Lord Hanuman. The deity is facing towards the idol of Lord Ram, which makes this temple distinctive from the other temples of Hanuman. Hanumanji is the bhakt of Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, whom he used to preach with utmost faith and devotion.

It is said that Tulsidas, author of epic Ramcharitramanas, is the founder of this temple. He had a vision of Hanuman in the same place, where the temple is standing today. The exisiting temple was constructed by Pandit Madan Mohit Malviya, a freedom fighter and educationist in early 1900s. 


The temple witness a large number of devotees on every Tuesday and Saturday. It is said that devotee will attain special blessings of Sankat Mochan if he/she is a regular visitor. People suffering from Shani Dosha or ill-placement of Saturn in their horoscope specially visit the temple to pay their homage to Hanumanji. Vedic astrologers says that Hanumanji saves his devotees from the anguish of Shani Dev.

It is said that Hanuman ji can reduce or neutralise the ill-effects of any greh (planet). Therefore, bhakts specially visit the temple to reduce the ill-effects of Mangal (Mars) in their lives. 

Hanuman Jayanti, birthday of Lord Hanuman, is celebarted with great fervor at the temple. A special 'Shobha Yatra' is carried out on this day from the temple in the honour of Lord Hanuman. is not a temple representative. We act as your representative to offer & deliver Prasad to your doorstep. The price of Rs. 501 will be used to buy and offer Prasad at the temple. And, to cover all miscellaneous costs such as -
  • Packaging,
  • Professional handling and logistics,
  • Shipping,
  • Payment collection, and
  • Government taxes
Please feel free to give us a missed call at 09933421341 for any questions.

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