Gorelal Kalelal Prasad,Ayodhya , UP-Uttar Pradesh - Online Prasad,

Gorelal Kalelal Prasad,Ayodhya

  • Rs. 751

                       With lots of Blessings of Ram ji get Prasad from Gorelal/Kalelal Temple

                                                                  Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

 We would offer prasad on your behalf at the Gorelal/Kalelal temple & you seek the divine blessings of Lord Rama & Lakshmana.

Blessings Include -

1. Peda prasad

2. Auspicious photo of Lord Rama and Lakshmana

3. Other holy items

About Lord Rama And Lakshmana

Lord Rama is the hero of our beloved Hindu epic, the Ramayana. His brother Lakshmana is also an equally important character. Rama is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmana is that of Adishesha, the cosmic snake. We are familiar with the divine deeds of Lord Rama and Lakshmana during their earthly life. Together they set on the task of destroying evil on earth by killing Ravana, thereby restoring Dharma or righteousness. Lord Rama and Lakshmana are widely revered and worshipped by Hindus all across the world till this day.

Significance Of Ayodhya – The Birthplace Of Lord Rama

The various Rama temples at Ayodhya are visited by millions of devotees each year, who come to get a darshan of Lord Rama and Lakshmana and seek their auspicious blessings. Ayodhya is known as Rama Janmabhoomi as it is the sacred birthplace of Lord Rama. It is considered to be the holiest pilgrimage for the devotees of Lord Rama. Lord Rama is affectionately known as Gorelal, while Lakshmana as Kalelal. The famous, historic Gorelal/Kalelal temple is a special shrine for the worship of Rama and Lakshmana. Now, get the divine prasad of Lord Rama from very auspicious and his very own birthplace - Ayodhya!

According to Atharva Veda, Ayodhya is said to be "a city built by gods and being as prosperous as paradise itself." is not a temple representative. We act as your representative to offer & deliver Prasad to your doorstep. The price of Rs. 501 will be used to buy and offer Prasad at the temple. And, to cover all miscellaneous costs such as -


Professional handling and logistics,


Payment collection, and

Government taxes

Please feel free to give us a missed call at 09933421341 for any questions.

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