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Baba Bhootnath Prasad, Kolkata

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Note: All Shravan Maas Prasad will be offered in the last week of the month

Offer Prasad and seek Baba Bhootnath’s Blessings

Offer prasad to Baba Bhootnath at the famous Baba Bhootnath temple, Kolkata and get the Prasad delivered to your home!!
Blessings include:

  • Prasad offerings, which includes peda, Bel leaves and pushpam(flowers)
  • Beautiful photo of Lord Shiva. 


Baba Bhootnath or the Lord of the Bhoot (spirits) is a divine form of Lord Shiva . Baba Bhootnath temple, located near Nimtala Ghat was established in 1527 by Raja Ajber Sen. According to legend, Baba Bhootnath would roam around the crematory grounds, covering Himself with the ash found there. This is a fearsome and courageous incarnation of Lord Shiva, who commands spirits and keeps them at bay, so that they don’t harm the living. He is thus the guardian of the spirit realm and widely revered by Hindus all over the world.

It has tremendous religious significance and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Devotees stand in long queues to get a darshan of the famous Shiva Linga and to offer their pujas and offerings.


Pujas are held daily and flowers, Bel leaves, incense sticks etc. are offered by the traditional methods.
Some auspicious daily ritual occasions are -

1. Aarti and Shringar
2. Pouring water from the Ganges on the ShivaLing
3. Pouring milk on the Shivling
4. Touching and rubbing the Shivling and offering flower garlands to it.

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