Ma Mahalaxmi's Shree Yantra (gold-plated)

  • Rs. 3,800

ll Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha ll

Worship Ma Mahalaxmi's Shree Yantra  for Abundant Wealth and Success

Shree Yantra blessed by Ma Maha Laxmi brings wealth and happiness to its worshipper. You could become prosperous by doing Ma Maha Laxmi's pooja everyday and installing the Shri Dhana Laxmi Yantra in your home.

It is said that the Sree Yantra gives you more than what you ask for. To fulfill all your desires, get this miraculous Yantra and make a wish.

You could now get Sree Yantra at home!


Benefits of  Shree Yantra

  • Makes you lucky
  • Brings success in your business and makes you rich
  • Spreads your name and gives you fame
  • Removes negative energy from your environment
  • Makes you powerful than your enemies
  • Protects you from evil 

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