Pitru Paksha 2020: Brahman Bhoj at top temples -

Shradh Paksha / Pitru Paksha 2023: Brahman Bhoj at top temples

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2022 dates are from 29th Sep to 14th Oct

Brahman Bhoj

Brahman (for brahmin) bhoj (for feast) is a unique rituals of feeding Brahmins. It is considered highly auspicious. Brahman Bhoj is practiced on diverse occasions such as child’s birth, upanayana(the sacred thread ceremony, pitrupaksh, marriage and even Death.

The purpose of Brahm-bhoj is to get their blessings, gain punya and satisfy the souls of forefathers. 

Feed Brahmins at the holy land and get blessed by your Forefathers. 

To send your prayers and feed brahmins click on the Buy Now button given above. You could choose the date and place you would like to conduct the Brahman Bhoj, we will do it on behalf of you and send you the report.

You can choose one of more of from the following holy locations for Pitru Paksha Brahman Bhoj for your ancestors' Shradh - 

  1. Ayodhya
  2. Bodh Gaya
  3. Dwarka
  4. Haridwar
  5. Kashi
  6. Prayag Allahabad
  7. Puri
  8. Rameshwaram

Pitru Paksha means “The fortnight for forefathers". Its the time when Ancestors visits Earth. Performing shradh and conducting brahman bhoj during these days is considered extremely important.  

It is believed that during these days Lord of Death – Yamaraja allows the souls to come down to the earth. So that these departed souls can receive the offerings given by their descendants.

Story of Pitrupaksh

Legends say Karna, son of Kunti was a philanthropist. He never denied help to anyone who approached him. He had donated a lot of wealth and had indulged in charity but had not donated food ever. Karna left earth after his death and reached heaven. The great charity which he had done on Earth was returned to him manifold in heaven. But it was all material wealth and there was no food. He then realized that although he had done all kinds of charities, he did not donate food. 
He prayed to the God of Death, who sent him back to earth for 14 days, to make up for this deficiency. Karna fed the Brahmins and poor and offered oblations of water during the 14 days, which is observed in the Mahalaya Paksha or commonly called Pitrupaksha . On his return to Heaven, he had plenty of food and it has been anticipated that offerings made during the period of Pitru Paksha benefits all the departed souls, whether they are connected to you or not.

ll Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varennyam 
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat ll

Brahmins are associated with the performance of all the Vedic rituals. It is said that Brahmins have taken birth from the mouth of Lord Brahma. They are highly knowledgeable about Vedic texts. 

It is said that unless a Brahmin prays to the Gods through chants, God cannot come and attend the puja rituals of men. Hence, donating or feeding Brahmins is considered very fruitful.




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